PT. Amanah Nusantara Sejahtera


InterApp headquarters Rotkreuz, Switzerland

1 – Manufacturing of butterfly valves at InterApp in Rotkreuz, Switzerland

2 – BIANCA butterfly valve with Teflon® coating

3 – InterApp products in use: Europe’s largest nitrification plant in Achères near Paris


An international company since 1969.

Our success story began with the trade and distribution of valves and accessories. Accessing international markets was a fundamental part of our strategy right from the start. The cornerstone for international expansion was laid with the opening of our first branches in Austria and Italy.


In-house development, in-house manufacturing.

We began to develop and produce our first butterfly valve to our own design in Switzerland very early on. To meet the high demand, we opened an additional manufacturing site in Spain. Today, we offer our customers both our own and InterApproved commercial products.


Our employees make the difference.

Our motivated employees are a vital factor in our success in the areas of development, manufacturing, quality control and logistics, sales, administration, and project management in all our markets.


You can expect more from a company of the AVK Group.

Since InterApp became part of the international AVK Group, we have been offering a product and solution portfolio for industrial and municipal sectors that is among the most comprehensive in the world. With the expertise of an international firm behind us, our customers profit from seamlessly integrated solutions from a single source.
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