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Selling KVC Valve in Jakarta

 The use of valves or valves is common in Indonesia, especially for large-scale pipe installations. In general, a vave valve is a mechanical device that functions to open or close the flow rate in the pipe as needed. This product can be used for water or gas pipes. Manufactured from strong and sturdy metal material, so it can withstand the pressure of the fluid in the pipe. We provide various well-known brands in Indonesia, one of which is KVC.

KVC Valve is experienced in designing and developing quality valve products with various features and advantages. This product presents excellent products made from cast iron, forged steel and the best choice of metal materials in its class.
We, PT. Amanah Nusantara Sejahtera is trusted to be the most complete and cheapest industrial valve distributor in Indonesia, providing various brands and superior products with guaranteed quality and quality.
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