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Selling Valworth Valve in Jakarta

 We, PT. Amanah Nusantara Sejahtera is widely known as the most comprehensive and cheapest distributor and sales center for industrial valve in Indonesia. There are many well-known brands that we offer, one of which is Walworth. Is one of the most complete industrial valve manufacturers in the world. Founded in the 19th century by James Walworth, the Company has consistently dedicated itself to improvements in the design and manufacture of valve circuits that are particularly suited to the fluid control sector. We cater to all industry end users and meet comprehensive customer requirements by complying with the required quality standards.

WALWORTH is able to provide the most comprehensive range of industrial valves in the world to the markets of North America, Central America, South America, Europe and Africa. WALWORTH is proud to meet and fulfill the exact demands of our customers around the world by providing quality products, competitive costs and excellent service.
We also provide other brands such as KVC and Arita. Our products have been tested for quality and superiority so that they can be used for a long service life.
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